A Case Study Approach: eT Guide - Assisting The eTransformation Journey

Ana Hol, Athula Ginige


eTransformation, the ability to select and implement appropriate Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) based on company’s goals, objectives and operations is essential for the businesses today. This paper identifies how an online system - eTranformation Guide (eT Guide) allows companies especially Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to track, measure and guide their eTransformation journey. In particular this paper outlines how three companies from different industry sectors namely: Manufacturing – Staircase Design, Service – Finance and Accounting Services and Tourism and Hospitality – Boat Cruise have travelled the eTransformation journey over the period of last year. Furthermore, the study highlights that eT Guide Recommendations are important indicators to the companies in terms of identifying into which Dimension they should be investing into next and what changes they should be making for the future benefits of their eTransformation journey. Moreover, the findings also benefit the research community that is investigating how best companies can undertake the eTransformation journey.


eTransformation; eT Guide; ICT implementation; ICT selection; SMEs

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