SciPro Matching: ICT Support to Start a Quality Thesis

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Henrik Hansson
Janne Moberg
Colombage Ranil Peiris


Abstract- This article focuses on how to empower the initiation stage in the thesis supervision process with information and communication technology. Starting a large number of theses with available resources based on creative ideas is a challenging task. Another challenge is to connect the students’ theses with industry interests. In order to facilitate a good thesis, the SciPro ICT support system for thesis supervision has been developed in the last few years. The most important task in the thesis initiation stage is matching students, supervisors and ideas together to start a thesis. Supervisors, business partners and administration staff are other stakeholders that should be interacting in this process for a successful project. Although the selection of an idea is the responsibility of students, and appearance is simple, it requires a series of academic and administrative processes. There is a lack of developed IT systems for thesis supervision as well as an initiation stage and SciPro can be introduced as a model for future developments. The thesis initiation stage is the foundation for a quality thesis, and it highly affects the quality of a thesis. The research approach is based on case study method. Data collection methods are interviews, observations, and focus group discussions and log data during a period of 2 years. This paper presents four interrelated IT systems that have been developed to support the start of a quality thesis. These four systems and the SciPro resources site add value, save time and increase the quality of the thesis initiation stage. The process implemented rewards for supervisors and students by providing freedom, control and selection of relevant topics to a high degree. Although all the activities in the initiation stage are not fully automated, the administration staff benefited and there were significant advantages for administrative activities. Also SciPro can be linked with industry to enhance the relationship with industry.

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