Scene-Specific Dark Channel Prior for Single Image Fog Removal

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Anparasy Sivaanpu
Kokul Thanikaslam


Extensive presence of fog in outdoor images severely alters the scene appearance and hence reduces the visibility. Image processing based defogging algorithms are used to restore the details and colour in a single foggy image. Performances of the previous defogging approaches are considerably low since they fail to consider the image-specific cues. In this paper, a novel and simple defogging approach is proposed based on the estimation of depth map by considering the density of fog in local image regions. The proposed approach uses the scene-specific depth map information to compute the dark channel and transmission. The quality of recovered image is further improved by a post-processing technique. Experimental evaluation performed on FRIDA and FRIDA2 benchmark datasets demonstrates the proposed defogging framework outperforms state-of-the-art approaches. The code and the results of this work are open-sourced for reproducibility (

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