A Scoping Review on Automated Software Testing with Special Reference to Android Based Mobile Application Testing

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Fathima Naja Musthafa


Despite all the techniques practiced for ensuring the quality of a software product, software testing is being the widely accepted practice. With the explosive evolution and the usage of mobile application, new developments in the process of software testing are introduced too to acquire market presence in mobile application development by introducing high quality products. As of this the introduction of automated tools for testing has gained attention in the last few years. Though the topic of automation in software testing has been there for a while, introduction of new tools and techniques has gained attention recently. Hence, this research work focuses on investigating and analyzing the current trends on automated testing of mobile application by choosing the android platform as a case study. With the aim of fact finding, a systematic literature review was carried out on existing studies which were retrieved from different databases by exploring the electronic search space. It discusses the points based on the chosen research questions by referring the papers cited of where the main topic of interest discussed include the facts related to why and how automated testing on mobile application, the tools and techniques used and the challenges on it. This work also highlights why the focus has been concentrated on the mobile application testing rather than generally highlighting the importance of automated software testing. As a conclusion the paper proposes some good practices on the topic based on existing literature reviewed and referred throughout the study.

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